Top 5 Songs That Let Me Wallow in Frustration

First post since November; I’m quite the blogger aren’t I? Well the short of that story is it’s been a hell of a past ten months. I could get into it on here, but trust me when I say you’d want to take my work for it. My wallet runeth dry, my living habits are that of a vagabond, and, quite frankly, I could use a good lay.

My sister began reading High Fidelity the other day, and I am reminded of Rob Gordon and his… life. So I figured what better way to break off from the world of lawyers who blame their A/V guys and Long Island Rail Road Commuters who’d kill an infant for a seat than to break out a few of my own top 5’s. I give you the top 5 songs I listen to when I’m about to go on a rampage.

Many people listen to music they like when they are about to rampage; sometimes I just plain can’t. We all get frustrated beyond belief, don’t act like you don’t. So surely it may make some sense when I say that sometimes I just don’t want to fucking hear about the relationship problems of Counting Crows. Sometimes all I can listen to are songs that just get how I feel at the moment. Sometimes you have to welcome the frustration with open arms.

AND LET ME EXPLAIN SOMETHING TO YOU FUCKING COMEDIANS. Playing Daniel Powter’s song Bad Day when someone is having an awful day is not fucking funny. You are not clever by doing this. You’re just a dick. And you’re not helping. Anyone. An action such as this should be punishable by shoving broken, lemon juice covered glass in your orifices.

1.) Under Pressure – Queen feat. David Bowie

There is something agreeable about this song to me. Maybe because it just kind of gets how I feel when, excuse the joke, I’m under pressure. I don’t know that this song make my worries or problems go away, but it certainly at least makes me feel like someone understand. And also I like David Bowie.

2.) Be OK – Ingrid Michaelson

Yes, I know. Chick music. (If you’re not down with the chick music then you may want to skip over number 4…) But when things are bad, you don’t need them to be great. Hell, you don’t even need them to be good. You just hope to all hell what everything will be just okay.

3.) Fuck You – Cee Lo Green

Yes, I know. Cee Lo Green. But honestly, fuck off. Nice song to remind myself that I’m great and fuck you. Also the back up girl in the green headband is smoking hot. the Alternatively, there is this…

And you know those chickens aren’t singing ‘forget you’. They are telling you to go fuck yourself.

4.) You Oughta Know – ….Alanis Morissette…..

Alright, I’m not going to pretend I’m proud of this one. But Alanis Morissette makes a hell on an angsty song. Yes, I know. Combine with my love of Joss Whedon and the fact that I’ve seen every episode of Sex and the City, my transformation to a whiney angsty post-grad girl from the 90’s in nearly complete. (Did I mention I’m completely straight?)

5.) It Sucks To Be Me (also What Do You Do With a BA in English?) – Avenue Q

I did say welcome it with open arms right? What’s better than singing a happy peppy song about how life sucks balls? It’s whiney and complainy and hilarious all at the same time. And it makes me feel a whole lot better about my life, because at least I’m not Gary Coleman. I like to listen to this one and change it to fit myself (i.e. ‘What do you do with a BA from Film School?’, or ‘so whyyyy don’t I have a girlfriend?’)

So sometimes life sucks. And sometimes you can’t pretend it doesn’t. We’re human after all; sometimes all we can do it put our hood up, pop on the headphones, and brood around a bit.

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